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24 Aug 2015 21:33
George Malkmus

Ever since Hallelujah Acres' inception in 1992 (over 23 years ago), I have been claiming that the Bible should be our source of information concerning what we should and should not eat!

In May 1993, 22 years ago, in the very first issue of our paper publication, “Back to the Garden," I wrote an article titled “God's Original Diet." On the masthead of this same publication I made this statement: “Teaching Health From A Biblical Perspective!"

Well, just as strongly as I have consistently declared that we teach health from a biblical perspective, my teachings have been challenged, sometime very vehemently, and sometimes quite unkindly, by those who claim that my teachings are “not biblical".

One of our detractors went so far as to say that our teachings were “the doctrine of devils," and that because of these teachings; I was in “danger of losing [my] salvation and going to hell."

Through the years, I have attempted to answer critics with a little Scripture here and a lot of Scripture there. Yet no matter how many verses I shared in refuting the charges, the challenges continued.

So in this Health Tip, I want to begin a series in which I will attempt to deal with all the verses concerning what we should and should not eat found in the Bible, verses that some have used through the years to challenge or refute our teachings.